Kris Allen

Kris Allen: American Idol Just Wants Respect

This past Friday, American Idol winner Kris Allen participated in a national conference call with dozens of members from the media. I had a chance to spend a few minutes with Kris to discuss a few things with him.

Listen to the Kris Allen CYInterview:

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Chris Yandek: With Adam having so much focus from the television audience, from the world, here you come out of nowhere. You win this competition. So what is one thing that we should know about you that we don’t?

Kris Allen: “Oh, wow! (Laughs).”

CY: Or maybe some things that we should know about you that we don’t?

KA: “Right. Wow! That’s a weird question. Something that you don’t know about me that you should.”

CY: Maybe some hobbies. Maybe some foods you like, anything in particular.

KA: “Right. I am a huge sports fan. I grew up playing sports and I’m a huge [Arkansas] Razorbacks fan, but any sports personally. I like watching sports. I like going to sports games and that’s kind of my life during football season for sure.”

CY: Yeah. The SEC is without a doubt the unbelievable conference of all college football.

KA: “Right.”

CY: What do you want to do going forward as far as musical acts? Who would you ultimately want to work with, collaborate with in the music industry?

KA: “You know there is a lot of people in my head. I’m not gonna name any names right now, but there is plenty of people I’d love to collaborate with, would love to produce with, would love to write songs with. I’m not gonna name any names right now though.”

CY: But is there anything you ultimately want to do?

KA: “You know, for me, the only thing that I really want to do is just be respected in the music industry and my music be respected, whether that means selling albums or winning Grammys or just people liking your music. That’s all I really want to do.”

CY: Good luck!

KA: “Thank you!”