Josh Duhamel Stars with Megan Fox in Think Like a Dog out on June 9th

You may remember the character Danny McCoy from the popular NBC TV show Las Vegas. He was played by actor Josh Duhamel who is now starring in a family comedy film focused on a dog, alongside actress Megan Fox. The movie will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming services on June 9th. The name of the film is Think Like a Dog.

Speaking of the NBC show Las Vegas, we have had two past cast members of the show on CYInterview, including include James Caan [see here] who played casino security chief “Big” Ed Deline and Marsha Thomason [see here] who played Nessa Holt.

And when it comes to series based in Las Vegas, a couple of months back we had on the talented actress/documentarian Liz Vassey, who not too long ago came out with her running documentary titled The Human Race. You can read about and listen to that CYInterview by clicking here.