James Edwards Talks with Us About Playing Harry Potter in Unauthorized Las Vegas Show

After auditioning in Los Angeles, James Edwards made his way to Las Vegas to play the ultimate wizard, Harry Potter. Alongside Nicholas Charles who plays every other character in the Harry Potter book series, they are the latest twosome to perform the unauthorized Harry Potter show, Potted Potter. The show takes place at The Magic Attic at Bally’s Hotel and Casino, on the Las Vegas Strip.

James Edwards joined us earlier this week and shared what it was like to play Harry Potter in this show, where he and Nicholas Charles take the audience through a hilarious recap of all seven wizard books.

“It’s been so much fun just because there’s so much love for Harry. So the bit of the show where there’s some audience interaction, at least verbally, everyone’s just going mental for him, because we all love him, he’s great. And it’s, I’m realizing now it’s been a subconscious dream of mine to want to play Harry.”

Performing on a Las Vegas stage is a rewarding experience for James Edwards:

“This is a completely random thing for me, honestly. I didn’t realize, it wasn’t until only afterwards I got the offer for the role that I was like, oh my gosh James, this is amazing. What have you done? It’s been quite, it’s been quite gratifying in every sense of the word. I’m very, very happy.”

In our CYInterview, James talks about preparing to perform in Potted Potter, being a musical director when away from the Las Vegas stage and much more.

You can see Potted Potter at Bally’s Hotel and Casino at The Magic Attic every evening at 8:00 PM except on Wednesdays, when there are no shows. There are also matinees on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 PM.

You can listen to the entire CYinterview with James Edwards below:

Listen to the entire James Edwards CYInterview:

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Listen to the entire James Edwards CYInterview on YouTube:

You can find more information and purchase tickets to Potted Potter by clicking here.