Jacob Orth, Jacob's Life in Las Vegas

Jacob Orth of Popular YouTube Channel, Jacob’s Life in Vegas, Joins Us to Discuss: His Channel, Pandemic’s Effect on Las Vegas, the Economy, More

For years, Jacob Orth has been weighing in on current events in Las Vegas, on his YouTube show Jacob’s Life in Vegas. He mainly focuses on the state of the hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries.

Other topics on his channel include the overall Las Vegas economy, the real estate industry and his and other people’s thoughts on the quality of life in the city. On occasion, he will go live on YouTube and walk around, showing many of Las Vegas’s landmarks.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Jacob has been one of the sober voices discussing the challenges Las Vegas is dealing with economically, socially and health wise. Usually positive and upbeat, his show has become important for Las Vegas locals, as well as worldwide fans of the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Before he began Jacob’s Life in Vegas, he tells us he never planned on having a YouTube show. Today, his channel has over 60,000 subscribers. Jacob tells us how it all began:

“When I moved here, I never thought of doing a YouTube channel. I watched other people on YouTube. There were some people that encouraged me to start a channel, but I wasn’t too big on it. And then at some point I realized, I heard somebody online say that, ‘You know, there’s no better free marketing platform in the world than YouTube.” And that was actually a very good point and that kind of hit me. And then when I saw, and I thought about Las Vegas, I thought about what I could talk about. I felt like I could talk about Las Vegas because when I was getting ready to move here, there were I think two videos on YouTube about living in Las Vegas and that was it. … So, I’m like, ok, I know this, there’s gotta be, you know, an opportunity here and I was very right. There was a gaping hole in the marketplace for doing Vegas content in video format.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview. He speaks with Jacob Orth about the state of Las Vegas’s resorts, its nightlife industry and much more.

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