It Don’t Make it to My Meter

Ah, the vagaries and vicissitudes of ignoring grammatical convention. Frankly, at times, the rules of grammar might say one thing. But you know what; they don’t make it to my meter.

What is this meter I speak of? Hmmm, I’m struggling to come up with a way to put this gently. Call it my level of caring meter. The meter runs on a scale from 1 to 10. A rating of one means I care very little about something. A rating of 10 means I care an awful lot. Many things fall in between.

What might rate a 10? That’s got to be stuff like personal health and the state of relationships with family and close friends. Without health and love, life can be a very tedious experience. If you are in good health and enjoy good relationships with your loved ones, life feels like the miracle it really is.

What rates a one on my meter? That’s a bit more difficult to say, but it could be something like choosing between a good tuna fish sandwich and a plate of well made hummus. For lunch, for example, it makes no difference to me which one I’d eat. I like them both. So on my meter of importance, this is about as low down on the totem poll as it gets.

There’s stuff that rates high for me, like wars and the state of the economy. There’s stuff that rates low like deciding what movie to go to. There’s stuff in between like deciding which shirt is the better buy.

With all that said, there is a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t even make it to my meter. In fact, it is stuff that I care so little about that I feel it more appropriate to say, “It don’t make it to my meter.”

I can be cognizant of something without it making its way to my meter. Reality shows come to mind. They don’t make it to my meter. Life is too short to worry about the lives of individuals being paid big dough to work in, what seems to me, the role of loosely scripted actors playing themselves in a mock version of their lives in some concocted alternate version of reality that is not likely to ever take place outside of television.

Hmmm, that last sentence seems like a run on. In this case, it don’t make it to my meter.

What don’t make it to your meter?

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