Clouds, Sky

Inspiration of Dreams, a Poem

Golden shining light of dawn, reverse our course and cure what’s wrong. Allow us to give in to the sun, to run and jump and have some fun. You cure the ills we fear the most; you are our golden host of hosts. When we are cold you draw us near, you guide us, soothe us, hold us dear.

When we are too afraid to be bold, you comfort us and buttress our fluttering soul. You are that great; you are that good; you are the we – we should be and could. I know this confuses the meek, yet smart – the words that tumble from my heart. The nouns and verbs and articles for use, with ideas oft muddy, confused and diffuse.

But let this be clear right from the start, these words I utter with all my heart, “I pray a better day will come. I pray to run and jump in the sun. I pray to God. I pray to myself. If it would help, I’d pray to an elf.”

Getting life right is a difficult task, especially when our spirit stands at half-mast. It’s up us to get things going, to remove the things that to us are slowing. Yet, we should proceed slowly to move quite fast or else our achievements will not last.

Now remember, friends are friends when we need them most, if not then they are merely friend-like ghosts; that tempt us with praise when things are good, but when we are in the darkness those ghosts disappear in the woods.

Of what exactly do I speak, as a non-prose semi-poetic geek? Do I just rhyme to amuse myself, or is there some depth in matching-syllabic-wealth? Can I free myself from dread and sorrow, and be a new man on the morrow? Or, and this is big I promise, I can transform myself through work and promise.

You see, this all has a name – what I refer to. Though I might state it awkwardly, with these forced bits of thought; hopefully my ideas won’t be for naught. The thrust of what I say is this, let inspiration be our bliss.

Let’s bask in the sun and reflect on the good. Let’s plan and focus and work on what we should. And above all else when we are down, remember the inspiration of dreams abound!

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