Insightful Political Prognosticator/Commentator Cliston Brown Back to Discuss Remaining Days of Trump Presidency; Biden/Harris to Take Office Noon January 20th, 2021

Yesterday, the General Services Administration (GSA,) a United States government agency, acknowledged that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. This step is the beginning of the transition of power from the Trump administration to the incoming Biden administration. Owing to this, Biden’s transition team gets access to government funding to assist the former Vice President before he becomes President.

This step by the GSA comes in advance of the 2020 presidential election results being finalized by the electoral college on December 14th. America’s democratic institutions at times work slowly but they do work. The United States will have a new President on January 20th, 2021 at noon.

To examine some concerns during Donald Trump’s remaining time in office, we welcome back political journalist and prognosticator Cliston Brown. We spoke with Cliston on Sunday, ahead of the GSA announcement. He gave us his thoughts on America moving closer to the end of the Trump presidency:

“Trump’s gonna do whatever he can, but I honestly think again he won’t be able to accomplish what he’s trying to do. It’s a fortunate thing that he hasn’t. I think that everything that’s happening now is doing nothing but weakening the bonds of democratic tradition in this country.”

For the 2020 elections, the prognosticator correctly predicted that Joe Biden would end up with over 300 electoral votes and become the next President of the United States. For the two runoff elections in Georgia that will decide control of the United States Senate on January 5th, the insightful Mr. Brown gave us an early prediction:

“My view is it’s certainly very possible for the Democrats to win both of these seats. Whether they will is another question. Traditionally, runoffs in the state of Georgia have favored Republicans. There has been a tendency for a very long time for Democrats to win the November elections and then sort of take a nap for the next two years. … At this point, my best guess is the Republicans will probably win those runoffs, but I think it will be a very close call.”

Speaking about the state of America and the challenges ahead, Cliston shared this with us:

“I would say that we are in a state of ongoing collapse. I think that we have been for quite some time. I think that Donald Trump was not the disease. Donald Trump was the symptom. I believe that, really, we are starting to see the limitations of a nation of diversity. Not that I oppose diversity. I very much support diversity. But we have now a nation with so many diverging interests that we can’t all follow the same direction.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYinterview where he discusses a variety of topics concerning where America is and what lies ahead.

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