Insightful Political Commentator Cliston Talks: Roe v. Wade, Midterms, More

How will the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade affect the upcoming midterm elections? To answer that question, we welcome back former congressional staffer and political prognosticator Cliston Brown.

Mr. Brown is a frequent guest on CYInterview, where he provides his thoughts on a variety of political topics.

Giving us an overview of the midterm elections and how he sees them playing out, Mr. Brown said this:

“Democrats have a very difficult job this year, in trying to buck the trend of the President’s party almost always losing in midterms, on top of the economic issues that we had and honestly, if Democrats were somehow to get to 50-50 in the Senate again and only losing maybe 20 seats in the House, then I would think we would have to say that this year was successful for them. I just don’t think that, I don’t think the Democratic Party knows how to message around the problems that we face today.”

The prognosticator also gave his thoughts on the January 6th House Committee Hearings and whether he believes former President Trump will be indicted by the Department of Justice.

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