Impactful Quotes from Gungahababa, a Tale

At various times and at various places, Gungahababa said:

“In the celestial forest, among the flowers and the trees, runs a stream called life, populated by the birds and the bees. It is a place to be alone. It is a place to be together. It is a magical place, in both good and bad weather.”

“We are a universe to ourselves; we are a universe together. We repeat the sacred verse, with the intention of increasing our knowledge, forever. Whenever we have doubt, we can see that we are here; whenever we have doubt, we can always rely on fear. Fear is a constant, in a world of hopes and dreams. We fear that we will not accomplish them, living out our imagined scenes. But if we turn our fear to fuel, we can craft the future with our energetic tools.”

“The fleeting Rhino taunts us, as he speaks to us in Portuguese and then continues by offering us tempting, delectable cheese. The Rhino renders things clear and certain. He pulls back the mystic, cosmic curtain. And yet, we are often confused.”

“Doing for others is a haven from the weakness of mind, a haven from the vicissitudes of time, a soulful expression of vintage wine. It is not wine made of grapes, however, but rather from the wisdom born of doing wrong. In contrast, doing for others makes us strong. Pay attention though. Do not be taken advantage of. Take things slow. Do for some. Let others go.”

“Dancing is a pure expression of the soul. A moment’s expression of desire in movement, the motion of the body mimics the motion of the universe, at times orderly, at times chaotic, always interesting.”

“Taste your cake, do not simply devour it. Make your art with frenetic glee. Create it; then let it be. Ultimately it is for the world to see.”

“Tris mulag hantg wilt baygo. Smert wiston harmt timt quemo. Uft humpt fin teep lipt difmago. Slimt moront klipt nit sago.”

“Life is too serious to be taken so seriously. Do your best, but strive for glee. This goes for you and goes for me.”

“What is wrong with having good, clean fun? One day our time will come. We will be unraveled like a spool of thread. So, while we are still wound we are obliged to do what we must. We can meet our obligations, yet not forsake joy. We must realize our power, hour by hour, to effectuate positive change in the world. However, we must enjoy too. Because, sooner or later, this thing is through, at least on this level.”

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