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Illusionist Xavier Mortimer Will Be Back: Talented Magician’s Show Shall Return; Speaks with Us About Success with Jason Derulo on TikTok; Illusions in Online Info Age, More

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, various Las Vegas entertainers have been utilizing online platforms, enabling them to perform for people across the world. Illusionist Xavier Mortimer has been using the video sharing social media app TikTok, to showcase some of his feats. Recently, he collaborated with singer/songwriter Jason Derulo for a few videos that garnered millions of views on that platform.

The illusionist’s show, Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream, found its home at Bally’s Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Mortimer had been thrilling audiences there, with the help of his lovely and talented assistant, Allie Sparks [see here].

Xavier hopes that by reaching a new audience on TikTok, he will gain new fans who will one day come see his show in Las Vegas. Of course, those new fans will have to wait until live performances resume in the Entertainment Capital of the World. On that topic, Mr. Mortimer shared this:

“The value is down the road more people know about me. More people are going to see my advertisements in Vegas. Oh I’ve seen his videos. He’s awesome. I want to see his show. So that’s the real value for me.”

Xavier and most other entertainers in Las Vegas, who perform in front of audiences, have been sidelined due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, the magician known for his compelling illusions, cannot make Covid-19 disappear:

“I’m going to ask the doctor to give me some help for that.”

When live performances do return to the Las Vegas Strip, the headliner says he will absolutely be back. Some productions on the Strip have announced that they will not be returning. Xavier’s eponymous show will live on, however. He revealed this to us:

“Yes. We are going to be here. That’s for sure. Now, you know, no one knows anything about it, but we are going to be here. We are here and I can’t move anyways. We’re kind of stuck in Vegas. So, I’m here.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this segment and discusses with Xavier the challenges of being a magician in an online information world, where insight into illusions is often shared, among other topics.

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