I Saw Rebecca Marshall: Actress, Maxim Hottie, Environmentalist

Horror movies and Maxim Magazine hotties aren’t things that generally go together. In the case of Rebecca Marshall, however, they sure do. Rebecca, a transplanted Canadian actress, is seeing her star rise with the big screen hit, SAW 3D, out this past weekend. The movie topped the box office charts. It’s the latest and last movie in this high grossing scary movie’s franchise. The Toronto native admits her role is different than any other she’s previously played.

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“It’s different than any other character I’ve played because she is not necessarily a bad person, but she is someone that is hungry and very willing to get to the top and you know willing to cut corners to do it, unfortunately. So, it was definitely a great role to play. I was very challenged to play her because I’m not really anything like her.”

The Saw franchise has earned a reported $730 million dollars. Marshall feels privileged to be part of the last movie in the horror series. Her views of horror movies also changed.

“I was really, really privileged to become a part of this because this is the number one horror franchise I think ever existing. So to be a part of this and this being the last one and the final of all the Saw movies, I was ecstatic to be a part of it. I’ve never really thought, I never wanted to play in horror films. I think I’ve just always been so terrified of watching them that they’ve never really been something that I was ever striving to do. So when I got this, I was really excited. I was very nervous and excited at the same time.”

Though there have been many ups and downs for Rebecca, she isn’t someone who allows show business failures to derail her. For example, her scenes were cut out of the 2008 box office topper 21 where she had the chance to work with Kevin Spacey.

“It [acting] just keeps me going constantly. For every job I book, I could lose five and it wouldn’t matter because I’m still doing what I love to do.”

Ms. Marshall sees herself as a working actress and has never been caught up in the fame scene. You’d be more likely to see her in a bookstore looking at books that interest her or, perhaps, searching for a piece of literature that could become a great screenplay.

“I’m not someone – that’s definitely not in the scene. I think my favorite part of acting is not so much limelight or red carpet. Like, those are all fun things, but I love the work and that’s what I mainly focus on doing. So when the work’s over I go home and I relax in my house, which I love more than anything. So I think I’m someone that definitely is not caught up in it. I just don’t. It’s not the reason why I got into it.”

Finally, the November Maxim beauty has many social causes that are close to her heart. She recently went to Africa researching the possibility of nonprofit organizations. In the next year, Rebecca plans to launch www.everdayenvironment.com to give people a voice about what we’re doing with our planet.

“I’m somebody that’s very caring towards the environment. I come from, in Toronto, it’s a very, very favorite city for recycling and compost and you know. I was just brought up to always take care of our environment….I started thinking, wow! I just wish that there was website where all across the board people could voice their opinion and learn from each other and talk about the environment and things across in different countries that we could learn from or become a part of and stuff like that. So it just kind of stemmed from there and then it just got more and more, bigger and passionate for me.”

Rebecca’s official website is at http://rebeccamarshall.net/

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