I Like Pam Anderson: Why Personality Matters and All Men Aren’t Pigs

And you are sitting there reading this column saying to yourself, “Wow, what a revelation, some guy likes Pam Anderson. Amazing! What a stupid thing to write about. What guy doesn’t like Pam?” Okay, you’ve made your point, at least perhaps, in your head. But bear with me. Maybe I have a point to make as well.

Years ago, when Ms. Anderson first came into public view, be it on Home Improvement, Baywatch or in Playboy, I thought she was attractive. She had a nice body and a pretty face. Honestly though, she didn’t steal my heart. I wasn’t smitten. I was bowled over ten times more for example, when I saw Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.

I’ve seen actresses who’ve really hit the spot for me. Various names come to mind: Leslie Bega in Mobsters – she was in Head of the Class and later in The Sopranos and CSI; Kate Beckinsale [see interview here] in Click and a bunch of other movies; Rita Hayworth in Gilda, etc.

Pam didn’t blow me away; I just thought she was pretty.

Over the years, Ms. Anderson has gone from being the hottie next door to being the quintessential vixen. Her somewhat innocent, initial beauty gave way to a kind of manufactured sultriness, at least in my eyes. Yet, the more I’ve seen of her, the more I like her, not physically – though physically she’s no slouch – but as a person.

Pam Anderson, from her interviews, a roast I’ve seen of her and stuff like that seems like a nice, down to earth person. She’s funny. She’s easy going. She deals with her Hepatitis C – which is no joke – with grace and without self-pity. In short, Pam is a good egg.

We might forget this when scandals hit the media cycle as frequently as people hit the john after a six pack of beer, but all men don’t objectify women. All men are not pigs. Guys care about more than looks. Personality matters.

Yes, Pam Anderson has the blonde bombshell thing going on. It’s her personality, though, that makes her truly attractive. Believe it or not, personality is the thing that counts the most, for both women and men. After all, if we get to live long enough, we’ll all start to look like Shar-Peis. It’s our personalities which will stand the test of a lifetime. Good personalities don’t sag and don’t need plastic surgery.

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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