I am the Author of Me! A Poem

My goodness, my God, life is hard! Well, is it? Can it be? Or is that just how life is for me? Perhaps, it is all in our minds, based on how we perceive. We can choose to rejoice or we can choose to grieve; at least so says Epictetus – though not exactly in those words. Meanwhile, how many of us believe our emotions are beyond our control, that that guiding principle is absurd? Word!

For too many of us, life is what we do when we are waiting for something else to happen! And with that attitude our dreams end up in the universe’s dust bin; hardly a triumphant win. Because we eschew personal responsibility saying, “If it is to be, it’s not up to me. It’s beyond me. I have no control. Hopefully, my fortunes will turn before I grow old.” Ah, hope, that cosmic soap on a rope!

Is hope without merit? Non! Au contraire, mon frère, but it won’t float without work. That’s the water that makes it useful. Hope without work is like cornflakes without milk. You might be better off eating silk, and hoping to make a purse from it to lend to a pig. You dig?

Repeat with glee, “I am the author of me!” It is just that simple you see. We have the power when we realize the hour of our destiny will unfold when we dare to live our dreams and be bold. When we seek the universe’s help, through our work and focus, rather than simply hope an elf will stock our stuffing with all we desire.

Ah, work and sacrifice. The words nobody wants to hear. They resound in our minds like shards in our beer. And who wants to drink that? No one! Yet work and sacrifice are not some punishing residue; they are merely things we must do if we are to succeed.

So let this be our creed, “I am the author of me!” And to be authors, we must do the work. We must sacrifice our time. But in the end, the result will be divine. For creation is what we must keep in mind.

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