Hypnotist/Comedian Marc Savard Celebrates 13 Years on Las Vegas Strip at the V Theater at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino: We are on Hand Days Before and CYInterview Him; Great Fun Was Had!

Last night, hypnotist and comedian Marc Savard celebrated 13 years of his show being in Las Vegas, at the V Theater at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. Having a show on the Las Vegas Strip for more than a decade is quite an accomplishment, that few entertainers can claim. Additionally, yesterday was the third anniversary of Marc Savard Day in Las Vegas.

Two days before his 13th anniversary show, we were on hand for Mr. Savard’s Saturday night performance. The show is full of laughs and will keep you entertained. The production relies on audience members willing to volunteer to be hypnotized. Hypnotized audience members perform a variety of funny acts for the crowd, including everything from poll dancing to clog dancing.

After the show on Saturday evening, we had a chance to CYInterview Marc Savard backstage to reflect on his show, his career and a variety of topics relating to hypnosis. See our photo with him above. On why his show has been around for more than 10 years, he said this:

“When you walk on stage, you gotta give the audience some good product, give them your effort, being into the zone of what’s happening on stage. And I think the audience feels that. They feel that I’m having a good time. It’s a good time for everybody. It’s a little crazy. It’s a little wild. It’s a little Vegas. It’s a lot of fun and the price is right. So, when it comes to laughs per dollar, we’re pretty high up there.”

You can listen to the entire CYInterview with Marc Savard below:

Listen to the entire Marc Savard CYInterview:

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You can visit Marc Savard’s official website and purchase tickets to his Las Vegas show Marc Savard’s Comedy Hypnosis by clicking here.