Hope in the Cold, a Poem

It’s cold and it feels like death
It’s cold and I see my breath
It’s cold, as the sunlight dims
It’s cold, as I dream of summer whims

Memories of falling in the snow
Remembrances of trudging to and fro
The wind whipping through my soul
Young but feeling old

Frigid night in the middle of day
The sun hiding and too much shade
Sitting beneath too many clothes
Cold, from my nose to my toes

And during warm times there are complaints too
“It’s too hot,” say me and you
Broiling without relief
Baking in our heated grief

So when it’s cold we want the heat
When it’s hot we want chilled relief
Perhaps, what we need is perspective
A moment to recollect, not feel climatically dejected

Yes, it may be cold, but we can bundle up
We can help those less fortunate with blankets and such.
This freezing air need not be death.
While we can still take another breath

Perspective and attitude help us go forward
Recalling challenges past, gets us through this cold air blast
The seasons teach us lessons
And these can work as blessings

We can help each other keep warm
We can help each other stay safe from a storm
We can revel in this season of joy
We can focus on learning to enjoy

Challenges come and go
Temperatures may yoyo
Our spirit though is in our hands
Goodwill is what the heart demands

Goodwill in a season of hope
Goodwill and a nod to the heavens
Goodwill and the bounty of good deeds done
Then the sun returns and the warmth will come

Image courtesy of tawatchai at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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