Headliner/Producer Jennifer Romas of Sexxy: The Show Speaks on Finding Ways to Get All of Las Vegas’s Entertainment Industry Back to Work: Dancer/Businessperson as Smart as She is Stunning

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions had been placed on the number of people who could gather in a venue in the State of Nevada. Because of that, most Las Vegas shows and other entertainment offerings have been closed since March.

A few weeks ago, some of those restrictions were lifted. Consequently, some Las Vegas shows are working on reopening, based on the new guidelines. For example, we revealed to you, this week, that the Caesars Palace show Absinthe was planning to return on October 28th [see here].

For other shows like Jennifer Romas’s spectacular production, Sexxy: The Show, at the Westgate Resort and Casino, there remain challenges to overcome, in order to reopen. Depending on the size of a show’s venue, it may or may not be feasible under the new rules.

Though she does not speak for the entire Las Vegas performing community, Jennifer is a producer of her own show, a resort headliner and a respected member of the entertainment community here. She told us in her latest CYInterview with us that one of the biggest challenges is that audiences must be situated 25-feet away from the stage. Understandably, that presents a particular challenge for venues that are small and do not have much additional space with which to make adjustments:

“I think we kind of got kicked in the rear end with what directives, honestly, have come out. And again, I’m just talking for myself and not necessarily on behalf of any other shows and producers and things like that, but we, I believe we are all in the same boat when we are up against some major issues with this 25-foot restriction that needs to be clearance for the audience to be in contact with the stage. I think everything along the way just hasn’t made much sense to be honest. And here we go again with more rules and regulations that have come out that realistically just do not make sense. And I believe it’s going to be very difficult to get things up and running with these directives that make no sense. But again, you know, they are steppingstones and I think we have to look at that as part of the journey.”

Jennifer Romas and the rest of the cast of Sexxy: The Show

What Jennifer hopes for her show, and the entertainment community overall, is a way for things to be more straightforward. She would like to see a collaborative relationship created between the entertainment community, government, and appropriate experts, leading to uniform standards for all public interactions and thereby enabling shows to re-open safely. This would get thousands of people to back to work:

“We will figure out a way. We will figure out a way and we will do this and we will make it work and we will abide by the rules to get open. But again, with that 25-foot restriction, if you are talking a showroom, you know a lot of these small showrooms, you measure 25 feet from the stage, that kind of wipes out your entire showroom. It wipes out the entire seating. Whether you are looking at half capacity, then you’re looking at half capacity of that and it’s like, how does that even work. … When you break it down and you really realistically look at all of the things that need to change and we need to be in accordance with, it does make it a little bit, you know, tricky.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview that looks at the latest challenges for the Las Vegas entertainment community and how those issues might be resolved.

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