HBO’s Euphoria Real World Lessons – SPOILER ALERT!

Last night’s episode of HBO’s Euphoria could serve as a cautionary tale. Though this is a not a documentary series, there are many real-life elements in the show. If you are not interested in spoilers, please stop reading here.

The character of Rue Bennett, played by Zendaya, continues to spiral downward with her drug addiction. With the desire to never pay for drugs again, Rue comes up with the idea to distribute drugs for one of the city’s big dealers, who happens to be a woman. The drug dealer warns Rue that if she screws up, she will face human trafficking to pay for her debts.

Rue Bennett is a troubled teenage girl who has not gotten over the death of her father. She believes that drugs are the only way for her to deal with her anxiety and panic attacks. At the same time, her addiction to drugs shows her selfish side and poor decision making.

According to the, 21 million people have an addiction to at least one drug, including alcohol, cocaine, opioids or another substance. When it comes to treatment, only 10 percent of those 21 million seek help for their addiction.

Watching Euphoria, we have learned that a drug addict must want to be sober to remain sober. Hopefully, this show may help someone with an addiction realize they need help.

Photo credit: Eddy Chen/HBO