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Happy Birthday Gloria Allred! The Tireless, Nationally Renowned Attorney Talks to Us About Her Recent Roast at the Friars Club, The Netflix Documentary on Her, More

Today is Gloria Allred’s birthday. For more than a decade, the women’s and civil rights attorney has joined us for a variety of segments discussing current events, including social and legal topics.

The last year has been a busy one for Gloria. Last month, she was roasted at the Friars Club in New York City by an all-female cast. Fran Dresser, of The Nanny fame and Academy Award winner Helen Hunt (As Good as it Gets) attended the festivities. Attorney Allred famously sued the Friars Club back in 1987, in order to become its first female paying member.

In January of this year, Netflix released a documentary on Ms. Allred’s storied legal career called Seeing Allred. It showcases her rise in becoming America’s go to women’s rights attorney. The documentary also shows us a very personal side of Gloria that many may have never seen before, in addition to the stories of some of her clients.

Gloria talks to us about the upcoming sentencing of Bill Cosby. She represents some of his alleged victims. Mr. Cosby was convicted of three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault back in April. He faces up to 30 years in prison.

One of Attorney Allred’s current cases involves representing some former NFL cheerleaders who claim they were not fully compensated for their work and that their work environment was uncomfortable. She discusses a bit about this case with us.

Attorney Allred is a tireless fighter for the rights of her clients – individuals who are often marginalized. She is a compelling figure in America’s legal and cultural landscape. You can listen to our latest CYInterview below where she talks about all these topics and more:

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