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Guatemalan Born, Miami Based Accessory Designer Candy Woolley has Success in the Bag

With the Golden Globes kicking off award season, the public is ready for its annual dose of celebrity fashion reviews. Besides suits and dresses, viewers will be focusing on the accessories. In recent years, handbags have become a mainstay of fashion coverage.

We spoke with handbag and jewelry designer Candy Woolley during our visit to the Fashion for Charity event this past weekend. The event, in its fourth year, benefits the YWCA of Greater Miami. Among the organization’s goals is the empowerment of women.

The Miami based, Guatemala born designer has enjoyed celebrities showing off her handbags on numerous red carpets. Ms. Woolley talked with us about her passion for creating accessories. You can read the highlights or listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Candy Woolley CYInterview:

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Focusing handbags, Candy said accessories are just as important as shoes because they make an outfit. She spoke about her passion:

“I began making jewelry nine years ago and later on I decided to incorporate another part of an accessory to combine with the jewelry. That’s why I started making handbags and that was about five years ago. … It’s a family business. Basically everything is handcrafted. My mother and I work together and we have a studio here. We do a lot of custom work as well. So anytime anybody has an idea, I sketch different ideas for them and different designs and we work together on the perfect bag for that particular person.”

Chris Yandek, Candy Woolley
CYInterviewing Candy Woolley

Reality TV stars Kourtney Kardashian, past CYInterview guest Whitney Port [see here] and a handful of other celebrities have been seen with Candy’s bags. She talked about what that means to her:

“It makes me feel really good because they’re not made, nobody makes them use my bags. They use them because they like them and whenever I see somebody in a magazine, somebody high profile, I feel like wow, I think I’m making it. This means something to me and I’m doing something good.”

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With Candy Woolley

You can find more information about Candy Woolley and her handbags at her official site clicking here.

You can find more information about Fashion for Charity clicking here.

You can find more information about the YWCA of Greater-Miami clicking here.

You can email Chris Yandek at Chris is available for interviews to comment on anything featured on CYInterview.

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