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Grace Graces Broadway: Dark Comedy Starring Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington and the Legendary Ed Asner Hits Home; Poignant and Powerful, It Tickles Your Funny Bone While Making You Want to Cry

On my recent trip to New York [coverage here and here] CYInterview was invited to attend the Broadway play, Grace at the Cort Theatre.

Grace stars actors Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington and the legendary Ed Asner. Set in Florida, the play is a dark comedy about the impact of tragedy on different individuals. Some are badly affected while others seem to move forward via their strong faith and belief in God.

Known for his comedic roles in the movies I Love You Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Mr. Rudd’s stage appearance demonstrates a serious side to his acting abilities. He portrays a businessman who believes his success is due to prayer and belief in God. For those accustomed to Rudd’s comedic roles, his performance in Grace is a departure. It will be interesting to see if he can take his serious acting from stage to screen and receive award recognition.

Kate Arrington stars as Rudd’s wife. Like her husband, Arrington’s character is deeply invested in her faith. A housewife who has moved from Minnesota to Florida, she quickly becomes emotionally attached to her neighbor, played by Michael Shannon. Mr. Shannon plays a man who tragically loses his wife in a car accident which leaves his face disfigured. The scenes between Kate and Michael are enlightening. These are people who yearn for something different yet realize life is not as bad as it may seem.

Rounding out the play, we find acting legend Ed Asner in the role of an exterminator who visits the other characters’ homes. In one scene, he makes conversation with Rudd about how he has seen the worst in life and claims there is no God. Delivered with dark humor, Asner’s performance lightens the mood of the play.

Perhaps, there will be Tony Award considerations for Grace. It is a play filled with happy and sad moments, tied together by a twisted sense of humor that keeps your attention. Grace is a must see for those who like contemplative, dark comedies.

* The entire CYInterview staff sends our prayers and best wishes to everyone who has been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

You can find out more about the Broadway play Grace by visiting their official website here.

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