Good Things Happen All the Time

Good things happen all the time. The trouble is that we tend to remember and focus on the bad times more than the good. This is not a formula for success.

Focusing on good things that are happening is a powerful motivational tool. In the business world, this is particularly true in the realm of sales. How many salespeople perpetually beat themselves up because of a perceived misstep during the process of selling to a client? How many salespeople get down because they “lost” a sale? The answer to those questions is many.

When I began a career in sales, I was fortunate enough to be directed to some quality books and audiotapes which taught me valuable lessons about the process of selling. In one of the books, the author said, I will paraphrase, that after you leave a sales call, the most important thing to do is recall what you did right. This contrasts with the typical tendency of missing a sale and then immediately reviewing everything we did wrong.

Is it necessary to review our errors in order to correct them and improve our performance in our chosen field of endeavor? Absolutely! However, prior to an orderly review of what we could we improve, it is paramount – for our sense of self-worth, self-esteem and enthusiasm – that we take stock of what we did right first. In other words, we must first focus on good things. Then we can make corrections where needed.

In business and in life in general, it is critical that we are cognizant of all the good things taking place around us so that we may maintain a high level of morale. If we are continually examining ourselves and the world for faults and flaws, in an order to perfect them, yet we suffer from low morale, how effective will we be in whatever it is we are doing?

Improvement is good and necessary. However, enthusiasm for what we do comes first. It is the fuel that allows us to seek out that improvement and utilize it. Remember, good things happen all the time!

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