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Gloria Allred, Top Attorney and Star of Her Own TV Show on Her Latest Case, Chaz Bono, Charlie Sheen and Hillary Clinton

CYInterview regular, top attorney and now star of her own television show, Gloria Allred speaks with us about one of her latest cases. As always you can listen to the entire interview below.

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Ms. Allred was in New York City last week filing a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Manhattan attorney Matthew Couloute Jr. against two women, Stacey Blitsch and Amanda Ryncarz.

Mr. Couloute Jr., the plaintiff, claims the defendants, Ms. Blitsch and Ms. Ryncarz – with whom it is claimed he had relationships during different periods in his life – posted comments on a website called According to the media, he believes these comments are damaging his career.

Attorney Allred gives her thoughts on the case:

“We filed a motion asking that the lawsuit be dismissed and we believe that lawsuits of this kind, such as the one that Mr. Couloute filed should not be allowed. The public policy of this nation should be that women have the right to exercise their free speech and should not be silenced and afraid to speak out if they’ve have experiences with men who have lied to them or cheated on them. Unfortunately the courts in this country do not protect women against liars and cheaters and in fact the laws protect men who lie and cheat on their girlfriends.

Every state in this country has enacted laws typically called anti-heart bomb statutes which protect men when they tell lies to their lovers, even when these lies are fraudulent and even when they cause not only a broken heart, but financial ruin to women who believe these lies. ..It’s bad enough that male legislatures throughout the country have given blanket protection to men who lie and cheat, but lawsuits similar to this one seem to be designed to ensure that women are afraid to even warn each other.”

When looking at cases like this and the possibility that someone could become open to legal exposure, if they post something online, Allred says it is a case by case basis.

“The laws are always evolving, but I’m just dealing with the specific issue of what was said there and his lawsuit against them for torts, interference, perspective business relations…I can’t say all of the circumstances, all I can say is you know we go case by case and in this case we think we have strong arguments as to why this case should be dismissed.”

With the dance party event Ms. Allred held Monday to spread awareness for Chaz Bono, who is currently on Dancing with the Stars, Ms. Allred thinks it is ok for children to watch a transgender individual on the popular ABC program. As many will recall, I spoke with Ms. Allred recently about transgender discrimination and Chaz Bono in detail. [See interview here]

“I protested the fact that psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow and some others think that parents should not allow their children to watch Chaz Bono Dancing on the Stars tomorrow night and that is a concern to me. I think that parents should allow their children to watch it and it’s a great opportunity for a teaching moment to discuss what it means, why someone might want to transition from female to male as Chaz Bono has or male to female. “

Being that Two and a Half Men is back on TV this week and with Ashton Kutcher joining the cast, Ms. Allred comments on Charlie Sheen, the show’s former lead, and his recent apparent apology tour.

“Charlie Sheen seems to be on kind of an apology tour the last few days going on Jay Leno and going on Today Show and other shows. So he seems to be trying to get back in the good graces of the public and not appear as a person who’s completely out of control as he did before. I wish the best for him…He was anything but a good role model for his children in my opinion. He was pretty wild and that’s why he was interesting, but Charlie Sheen will survive. He’ll have other things, other opportunities. I don’t think we have to worry about Charlie Sheen.”

Recently, there was an article claiming Hillary Clinton is the most popular American political figure. Gloria Allred – who was an elected Hillary Clinton delegate when then Senator Clinton ran for President in 2008 – comments on our current Secretary of State. Attorney Allred does not believe Secretary Clinton will make a primary bid against President Obama, even though some media outlets bring up the idea.

“She’s done a great job as Secretary of State and she was very popular before and I think that she’s very deserving of our respect and our gratitude for all the hard work she’s doing…I don’t think she’s gonna challenge an incumbent President. I doubt it. Although you know, he’s very low in the popularity scale right now, but he can come back and we’ll see…I was an elected Hillary delegate to the Democratic National Convention. So I’m a big Hillary supporter, having said that, she’s made it clear she’s not going to run so I just think it’s, that would be hypothetical.”

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