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Gloria Allred Offers Post Trial Advice to Casey Anthony; Breaks Down Trial; Turns 70

Casey Anthony’s acquittal on murder charges shocked many of those following the case. On Tuesday, Ms. Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

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Powerhouse attorney and CYInterview regular Gloria Allred is in a seeming minority of individuals who believed the jury made the right decision. One of the questions coming out of this trial is how do you prove something beyond a reasonable doubt. We welcome back Gloria, who just turned 70 this past weekend, to gain some of her insights.

“It is a very, very heavy burden to carry, which is why the prosecution gets the last word. That’s why they get to have a response to the defense. They get two shots, two bites at the apple because it’s a lot. You’re gonna deprive somebody not only of their liberty, but of their life potentially, you have to prove it with a lot of evidence and that’s not a burden that they were able to carry at least to persuade this jury and they don’t get a second chance.”

Though Ms. Anthony was acquitted of all murder charges, she was found guilty of lying to authorities. In asking Gloria why Casey lied to authorities, Allred states that Ms. Anthony is liar and there’s no denying that.

“Well, obviously she is a liar. That’s undisputed. She was a liar before this case. She was a liar during this case and she may very well be a liar after this case. No reason to think that she won’t be. There’s something really wrong with Casey Anthony and again as the defense said, ‘She’s a liar, that doesn’t mean she’s a murder.’ There’s something very, very wrong with her. That’s all I can say. Does that make her a murder? Obviously the jury didn’t think so.”

In wondering why many in America paid attention to this trial and why it became daily talk for people, Gloria gives a few reasons why this trial became a media circus.

“You have a young mother. Television is very interested in young women, especially a young woman being accused of killing her own child. That’s an unusual event and something that is definitely going to gather public attention. You’ve got a family here. You’ve got a single parent living with her parents until she left with the child and that’s a common situation. There are millions of young mothers living with their parents trying to raise young children and some of them go out and they party. So that is gonna to be something that obviously is also gonna be of interest to the public.”

There were numerous media outlets who predicted and believed that Casey Anthony would be found guilty of killing her daughter Caylee. At times it seemed some commentators were pro-prosecution and were trying to convince the public that Ms. Anthony was guilty. Allred points out that just because you speak out for the victim doesn’t mean a particular person on trial is responsible for killing them.

“People get very interested in the outcome. It’s a real life who done it with a lot of unanswered questions. The fact that there were so many unanswered questions, made it very interesting. On the other hand, there was kind of a dynamic, a lot of hosts siding with the prosecution and that made it very, very interesting as well. I mean, a lot of people want to position themselves in support of a child. Who doesn’t want to be supportive of a child and say, ‘Justice for Caylee.’ Of course. But that doesn’t mean the person who’s on trial is necessarily the one who is guilty of killing the little child, victim.”

An outspoken commentator believing Casey Anthony is guilty is former prosecutor and TV host Nancy Grace. After Ms Anthony was found not guilty, Ms. Grace said, “Somewhere out there the devil is dancing tonight.” I asked Attorney Allred for her thoughts on Nancy’s reaction.

“Well, Nancy Grace is a very experienced prosecutor and she has looked at every single piece of evidence in this case and she has her strong feelings. She comes from a prosecutorial point of view. So I know that Nancy is troubled by this verdict and mostly likely doesn’t think it’s definitely not the verdict if she were a juror that she would’ve selected and if she were a prosecutor, I’m sure she would’ve presented everything that she could.”

Gloria has come up with her own theory in regards to what might’ve happened to Caylee Anthony.

“I have a theory that, let’s put it this way, could’ve been an explanation of the prosecution could’ve thrown out, if in fact there was any basis for it, which would be maybe she was afraid because maybe she didn’t want her mother to know that maybe she should’ve of, that Casey should’ve been better in terms of watching the child and not letting an accident in the pool happen if in fact that happened. I don’t know if the child died that way. So to me that would’ve made more sense than she wanted to kill her own child because the child was getting old enough to speak and would expose her mother’s lies. That made no sense to me.”

In regards to being in the minority, believing the jury made the right decision in finding Casey Anthony not guilty, Allred says she doesn’t care whether she’s in the minority or majority opinion on any issue.

“I don’t care whether I’m in the minority or the majority. I’ve never cared about that. I think this is a case that could’ve gone either way…Frankly, I would’ve felt comfortable with either verdict.”

Ms. Allred provided some advice to Casey Anthony. She believes help and a support system are needed.

“This is a life changing experience for her and I’m sure it’s life changing that her child is no longer with her, but now it’s really life changing and I hope she gets a good support team around her because she’s gonna need it. I think she needs some very serious therapy and I hope she gets that as well. I don’t know what’s gonna happen with her and her family, but she needs to have very stable people around her on a continuing basis…But she definitely needs help.”

Though Ms. Anthony was not convicted of murder, she still faces a civil lawsuit for defamation. Zenaida Gonzalez claims Casey Anthony ruined her reputation because Ms. Anthony claimed Ms. Gonzalez played a part in Caylee going missing. Ms. Gonzalez has claimed she never met Casey or her deceased daughter. Allred speaks about the civil case pending against Casey

“She’s gonna have to prove not only that what was said was false, but that also she was damaged and what the damages were. Then of course you have to be able to collect from the defendant. This particular defendant has no money. Now she may get money from selling her story, but who knows what would be there at the end of the case as if and when she were able to be successful in winning her case. So we’ll have to see what happens.”

Over the weekend, Gloria Allred celebrated her 70th birthday. She summed up how she celebrated:

“I actually had a little party for my family and some lawyers in my law firm and some neighbors and a few friends and had a great time. I enjoyed it.”

Happy Birthday Gloria!

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