Getting Physical with Superstar Olivia Newton-John

The photograph above, from the early 1980s, is of past CYInterview guest, music superstar, actress and Las Vegas headliner Olivia Newton-John [see here] with a dolphin. It was a promotional photo from her 1981 album Physical.

It has been a new year for little more than two weeks. If you are not motivated to get in shape, perhaps hearing Olivia Newton John’s hit track Physical, and all the songs on the rest of the album of the same name, will motivate you.

In October, a two-disc deluxe edition was released celebrating the 40th anniversary of the album.

You can find more information about that album by clicking here.

The Physical Deluxe Edition Box Set was released in October.
Chris Yandek. Olivia Newton-John
With Olivia Newton-John at the Flamingo in 2015