Funky Semi-Rant Number 3, a Poem

Deviled eggs are heavenly. Some heavenly food is devilish; just check your belly and thighs. Ah, life is filled with duality. Let’s let out a collective sigh. What do I make of this all? Need I make anything of it? We come; we go; life passes fast and slow and we are along for the ride. Unless we are filled with a burning desire inside.

What is your angle on life? Have you given it much thought? Do you believe that happiness can be store bought? Hunger, certainly, will not make you happy. It will not give you a sense of pride. Yet after the basics of life, it takes more than material things to fill us with joy inside.

PUMPKIN. Now that is a random thought. PUMPKIN, no relationship to this rambling discourse. None. Nil. Double aught. And yet, how many times do random things take hold in our lives. We get married to songs, goods and movies, like bees drawn to a queen in a hive. We obey the marketing masters and all the daring they do. The random for us becomes the necessary, through and through. Unless we give ourselves to think.

Some folks like to think. Some folks like to drink. Some folks like to think and drink. I will consider this and get back to you, wink, wink.

Consider your options. What are we to do? Are we merely to be consumers or should we be creators too? Nothing, perhaps, is nobler than to create something with passion and will. Maybe after eating and the basics, creativity is what will give us our fill. Maybe, to be close to The Creator, we need to create too. Give it some thought. Then free your own daring do.

Joy, oh wonder of the mighty heavens. Joy you gift from above. What is the roadmap to you? I think it comes from within. To give in to that creative impulse, that yields a Mona Lisa grin. The satisfaction of knowing that you can contribute your share. To bring some happiness to the world and free yourself to care.

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