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Former Real Housewives of Miami Star, “Social Mayor of Miami,” Entrepreneur, Philanthropist Lea Black Speaks Out Against Donald Trump; Talks about Election, Hillary Clinton and the State of America

She considers herself to be a political junkie. So with only a few days until the 2016 Presidential Election, we welcome back the “Social Mayor of Miami,” Lea Black, to get her analysis on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the state of America.

Throughout her life Mrs. Black has been involved in philanthropic work, helping at risk youth, as well as being an entrepreneur and building her own brand. Last year, Lea wrote her first novel, Red Carpets and White Lies, set against the Miami high society scene. In the world of politics, she held an event for President Obama in her home in Coral Gables some years back, among other things.

As a veteran of the Real Housewives of Miami, Lea Black is in a particularly good position to assess a presidential election in which, seemingly, the ethos of the reality television genre has collided with the democratic process of choosing the next Commander in Chief.

Lea says she is not surprised by the rise of Donald Trump. Our segment with her is definitely worth listening to. She explains, in detail, why she believes people should not support Donald Trump and why people should vote for Hillary Clinton.

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For 20 years, Lea Black ran one of the most star studded and glamorous charitable events in Miami, The Blacks’ Annual Gala. Over the years, everyone from Tony Bennett to Aretha Franklin performed at it. For a good part of her life, she has been surrounded by rich, famous and powerful people. Offering her thoughts on Donald Trump, she says he is a fraud and con:

“Trump is, if anyone really does their homework and is really objectively paying attention, is just really a fraud and a con. And I didn’t want to believe it. In fact when he first started, I thought, ‘Wow, this is gonna be refreshing and someone will shake it up. And you know, why not get a business person’s involvement and see how it works.’ I was very open minded about it because he, you know, Trump was always a Democrat. He’s never really been a Republican. And I was open minded about it. But the more he’s shown us who he is and exposed himself, the less that I think any intellectually honest person could actually vote for him.”

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With Lea Black at her home in Coral Gables back in 2013

With the election nearing, there is one thing that keeps the Social Mayor of Miami up at night:

“I am disappointed in American people that are buying all this. You know, we know who Trump is. We got it. We see who he is. He doesn’t like Muslims. He doesn’t like Blacks. He doesn’t like immigrants. He doesn’t like disabled. You know, he’ll insult somebody whose son was, died saving our lives just because they’re a Muslim. We know who he is. The question that’s been gnawing at me that literally keeps me up at night is who are we to have this many people be willing to set aside their consciousness and their moral compass and their belief in the institutions that they’re destroying to vote for this man.”

Lea Black is someone who likes to make things happen. On what she wants people to do before Election Day, she tells us this:

“I want people to try to reason with people that are considering voting for Trump. And if you can reason with them, convince them of all the reasons why they absolutely cannot vote for him. If you can convince them to vote for Hillary, then take them to the polls and let’s do it. If you can’t convince them to help vote for Hillary, then tell them to stay home if you don’t believe in either one of them. And I want everybody to know when they wake up on Wednesday morning November the 9th that they did everything, single possible thing they could do to make sure that Donald Trump never gets into the White House.”

Lea’s official website is at www.theworldofleablack.com.

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