Former NY Giant Rashad Jennings, North Las Vegas Based Artist Johnathan Schultz Join Us: Talk Johnathan’s Art, the Big Game, More

The biggest football game of the year is bringing stars from Hollywood, music and the NFL to Las Vegas. Among those luminaries is former New York Giants running back and Dancing with the Stars champion Rashad Jennings. This week, the former Giant is in the Entertainment Capital of the World, supporting local artist Johnathan Schultz.

Hailing from South Africa, Mr. Schultz is debuting some of his heretofore unseen work this week. The pieces integrate gemstones and precious metals.

Johnathan’s gallery is located at 235 Brooks Avenue in North Las Vegas.

Rashad and Jonathan joined CYInterview to talk about their collaboration this week, here in Las Vegas, prior to the big game. Additionally, Rashad weighed in on the game being here in the Entertainment Capital of the World and all the attention surrounding Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Speaking about the artwork he is showing this week, Johnathan Schultz said this:

“Some of the pieces are very close to my heart and inspired from my roots and what I’m currently doing with the flowers and my next chapter and never been seen before.”

Given that he is lending support to Johnathan’s art, Rashad gave us his thoughts on the word art:

“Art is somebody’s kind of expressive, you know, release, I personally think. And we find different ways to release that. My art was doing it through the game of football. You know, and so some people’s arts is through communication, some people’s arts are through, you know arts and crafts. So, I think everybody has a beautiful art. It’s very difficult to find your lane to express that.”

Some of Johnathan Schultz’s Art

The former New York Giants running back had this to say on the Super Bowl being here in Las Vegas for the first time:

“Sounds like a lot of money to me being made. That’s exactly what I hear. Hotels making a lot of money, restaurants making a lot of money, bars, everything is going up. So, Ubers and the whole economy in Vegas is going to be insane. And I think, you know, that brand new stadium, obviously the two teams that we have coming and also not only are you gonna have celebrities there, but you’re going to have Taylor Swift coming, the anticipation, like all these things included. It’s gonna be an epic game.”

After his NFL career, Rashad crossed over into entertainment, winning season 24 of Dancing with the Stars. As someone who has been part of both sports and entertainment, he gave us his thoughts on the attention Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and music superstar Taylor Swift have been receiving, in the lead up to the big game.

“I think it’s awesome. Like, for the viewership, it is amazing. It takes away the conversation, it adds more value to, you know, people watching and consuming football. It’s a beautiful thing. Now obviously some people, you know, just simply, ‘I don’t want to see Taylor Swift, I just want to see the football game.’ No you don’t because you watch commercials for 30 seconds all the time like and those 30 seconds are paid advertisers to get you to buy into whatever product they’re selling.

So the NFL is smart. They have a commercial now, with inside of their own game now, just by simply showing Taylor Swift. So, I think it’s brilliant marketing, but I don’t think it’s, it’s awesome that they found a relationship that they want to build on and I’m cheering them on.”

You can watch the entire CYInterview with Johnathan Schultz and Rashad Jennings below:

Check out artist Johnathan Schultz’s website by clicking here.

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