For Me to Be; a Poem

Keenly gazing, stars a blazing, into the deep we go. Fraught with peril, while we wonder why it’s an endless show. Our brief encounter with our soul’s light, could brighten the path we tread. Yet as we live, we act as if dead and change is what we dread.

Life is squandered, when we stagnate, and turn from the appointed cause. We shuffle and stop, and are ready to drop, when we focus on the internal source. We’d like to shift blame, it is the same game, the thing that we frequently do. To shirk from accepting the responsibility, for refusing our own ability, to impel our own daring do.

When folks from other places, who’ve drawn from decks the aces, of their own noble cause. We point our fingers and shake our heads and tug our heart strings closed. This happens true, in right and through, when we refuse to rise from the dead. Because as we live, the peril true, is the change we negate and dread.

Our song’s the same, the grooves in our brain, keep us on a path right or wrong. And so our life becomes like a slogan – repeated, repetitive and long. What’s on the morrow, this old sorrow, the struggle and strife of not being free. To unlock our hearts, unburden our minds and truly live with glee.

We can blame some others, a person who smothered, our dreams when we were young. But too we can be, the hero at sea, the champion who rises at dawn. And work our plan and plan our work and be steadfast in our goals. While avoiding the siren song of waste and time gone wrong, avoiding the failure of the shoals.

So say with me, while you set yourself free, that to be, it’s up to me. Do not blame others, the past, our brothers, for the who we are not yet. Instead rise, and rise with the spirit within. And live our lives with purpose, not regret!

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