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For Las Vegas to Get Moving Again, We Must Talk about the Future: Economics Professor Stephen Miller, Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research at UNLV Joins Us for a Discussion

It has been one month since we last had on UNLV Economics Professor Stephen Miller [see here]. Stephen is the Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research at the university, and we welcomed him back to talk about what is in store for Las Vegas’s economy in the coming months and years.

The coronavirus pandemic has created challenging times for many people. No doubt, it will take time for resorts, restaurants and other establishments in the Entertainment Capital of the World to return to some kind of normalcy. Without a vaccine currently available for Covid-19, Professor Miller believes ongoing testing for the virus will be the best thing resorts can rely on in an effort to return to business. Commenting on taking patrons’ temperatures, he shared this:

“The temperature is a tricky one because my understanding is that many people don’t have a temperature even though they’re positive for the virus. So, I think testing may be the answer to that.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein discussed with the UNLV economics professor things that might impact Las Vegas’s economy in the future and how the city can be a leader when it comes to the health of Americans.

Our discussions with Professor Miller always provide food for thought.

You can listen to our latest CYInterview with him below:

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