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Flamingo Las Vegas Celebrates Diamond Jubilee!

Today, the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino celebrates its 75th anniversary. The famed resort opened on December 26th, 1946.

The Flamingo’s beginnings are most famously tied to mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. In the 1991 movie Bugsy, starring Warren Beatty as Mr. Siegel, the Flamingo’s development is one of the main storylines of the picture. The film was directed by past CYInterview guest Barry Levinsion [see here].

Mr. Levinson won the Academy Award for best director for the 1988 film Rain Man. That movie has some casino scenes in Las Vegas, with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman at Caesars Palace. Caesars Palace is located across the street from the Flamingo, on S. Las Vegas Boulevard, aka the Las Vegas Strip.

We have had many great memories at the Flamingo with Olivia Newton-John [see here], Paula Abdul [see here], Richard Marx [see here], Piff the Magic Dragon [see here] and X Burlesque [see here].

Happy Diamond Jubilee Flamingo! Here’s to 75 more.

Chris Yandek. Olivia Newton-John
With Olivia Newton-John at the Flamingo in 2015
With Paula Abdul at the Flamingo Hotel in 2019
Chris Yandek, Las Vegas Shows 2018, X Burlesque, X Burlesque Las Vegas, X Burlesque 2018, X Burlesque Women
With the cast of X Burlesque at the Flamingo in 2018
Piff The Magic Dragon, Piff Dragon, Mr. Piffles, Piff The Magic Dragon 2018, Jade Simone Las Vegas, Jade Simone, Mr. Piffles 2018, Piff The Magic Dragon 2018, Chris Yandek 2018, Piff's Piffmas Pifftacular, Piff Dragon 2018, Piff Dragon Flamingo Hotel and Casino
With Jade Simone, Mr. Piffles and Piff Dragon in 2018 at the Flamingo