Five Dollar Blackjack, Las Vegas Strip 2016

Millions will travel to Las Vegas this summer. Many will want to take a shot at one of America’s most popular casino games. On a variety of online forums, as well as Las Vegas related articles, you might read that lots of people going to Vegas are on the lookout for less than $10 blackjack tables and other casino games they feel do not exist anymore, at least on the Las Vegas Strip.

Though some believe the only place to play low stakes blackjack is somewhere off the strip at one of the downtown casinos, near Freemont Street for example, they would be wrong. During our recent visit to Vegas [see all our coverage here] we found numerous places with $5 Blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. For longtime in the know types, arguably the most well known $5 Blackjack table on the Las Vegas strip is right behind the Margaritaville Restaurant. Please take note that at most hours during the day the table is always full. You may have to wait for someone to get up to get a seat. I’ve witnessed this on two trips in 2015 and 2016. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville is next to the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

2. Right next door to the Flamingo is The Linq Hotel & Casino. In the early afternoon before 5:00 PM, I witnessed a few empty $5 tables. Be aware that later in the evening, the lowest limit was then changed to $10.

3. If you are going to the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino to take in the view, like we did at the top of the tower [see here] or to see the burlesque/adult show Pin Up with former Playboy Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair [see here], you will find some $5 blackjack games downstairs on the resort’s casino floor. Games were going on in the early evening.

4. Finally, what about the south end of the Las Vegas Strip? Look no further than New York-New York Hotel and Casino. Near the escalator on the casino floor in the early afternoon, a $5 game was going on.

Though some may believe the lowest bet per blackjack hand you will find on the Las Vegas Strip is $10, a $5 game can be found. As always, these things can change, but that’s what we witnessed just a few weeks ago.

If you know of any other places where there is $5 Blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip, please feel free to share in the comments section and, of course, gamble responsibly on your next trip to Las Vegas.

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