Fashion Maven Angelique Michelle: Shades of Gray’s the New Black for Fall, More

Autumn is upon us and New York Fashion week has just wrapped up. So what is in for the fall season, fashion wise? Wardrobe/lifestyle expert, entrepreneur and personal shopper Angelique Michelle joins us to clue us in.

A resident of Washington D.C., who frequently travels, Angelique has spent many years in the fashion industry providing guidance to a variety of celebrities, which her bio tells us includes Gloria Estefan and retired NFL star Clinton Portis, both of whom have been CYInterview guests.

Ms. Michelle is the President and CEO of Iconiq. Her company does image consulting and virtual styling. Her business just launched a mobile phone app that you can download in the Google Plus Store and Apple Store, called the Iconiq Style App.

If you are looking for fashion advice, you can read the highlights and listen to the entire Angelique Michelle CYInterview below:

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When it comes to colors for the fall season, Angelique Michelle shared this:

“Like the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, the book Fifty Shades of Grey, they’ll be 50 shades of gray this fall. So they’re mixing a lot of neutral colors like grey and tan and like the camel color. They’re mixing a lot of those with a bright color. So you’ll see a solid grey dress or a solid grey jacket, but they’ll put it over a mixed pattern dress or if it’s like the swing vest, what I like to call the un-coat, you’ll see a lot that over something with a pattern to it and a bright color. So I know that blue is gonna be a big hit for the fall. There are a lot of things, a lot of designers that are wearing blue. Currently, there was just New York Fashion Week and there was a lot of blue coming down the runway. And when I say blue, I mean the dark blue.”

As a fashion pro who consults to a variety of celebrities, Angelique has some powerful advice for women, when it comes to looking their very best:

“Look at your body type. See what works best for you and then follow that guideline. So if you know that you look great in low rise jeans, then you know what? Get several pairs of low rise jeans to wear with different tops. If you look great in pencil pants that have a high waist, if that’s the look that you look great in, then you get that in different colors, different styles. … So you want to dress for your body and still incorporate fashion into it, but dress for your body. Don’t dress for what’s in. That’s my style advice.”

Iconiq Style Phone App, Angelique Michelle
Angelique Michelle’s phone app is now available for download

Her virtual styling company has just launched an app. Angelique tells us why it is something every fashion enthusiast should use:

“It’s called Iconiq Style App. And it’s available in your Google Play Store and your Apple Store. It’s a virtual styling app where I could actually style your look for any occasion. If I wasn’t your stylist and you had a stylist you already use, you can actually use the app to style you as well. And it’s great for organizing your wardrobe, seeing what’s in your closet. And if you were out shopping and you say, ‘You know what? I need to check on these shoes, you know and see if I need them.’ You can look at all the shoes in your closet and say, ‘Alright, I need these shoes or I don’t need these shoes.’ So Iconiq is basically your virtual wardrobe styling, personal styling, shopping and closet organization all in one.”

As a business owner, Ms. Michelle offers some good insight on getting America back on track, economically.

“I feel like America needs to invest in America. That’s one of the main things. So if we’re talking about growing our country and bringing things back, then we need to manufacture here, we need to support small businesses. It’s a billion dollars that’s generated in America every year and it’s mainly outsourced or in another country. So we need to keep the dollars right here in our country and start generating them. You should support a small business because that’s how businesses grow. Walmart’s a big business because you know what? One day they started with one store and now they have hundreds of stores. So in order for businesses to grow, you have to actually support them. You can’t just go for the mainstream.”

Learn more about Angelique Michelle and her app here here.

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