Fantasy Star Abby Sullivan Talks with Us About Working in the Famed Las Vegas Female Revue, More

Live entertainment returned to Las Vegas earlier this year. The female revue Fantasy, at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, was one of the shows leading the way for the city’s return to having the kind of productions we are famous for, no small feat in the face of the pandemic.

Abby Sullivan is one of Fantasy’s stars. She performs six nights a week, dancing her heart out in the vaunted entertainment extravaganza.

On how she sees her professional career as a dancer, she told us this:

“Just like from the beginning, I always loved, I always loved the recital at the end of the year. So you could say I’ve always been more a performer than a technician. Not to say I don’t love going to class because I do, it is the stage that I love.”

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Abby shared how she ended up in Las Vegas at the show Fantasy:

“I visited again for my friends 21st birthday and I said, ‘You know what? I love it here so much. One day I’m gonna move.’ And I set a date and then I moved on that date and Fantasy was about my probably third or fourth audition that I did in Vegas, but I’m so glad that it was the one that I landed because it’s just my home and I’ve been nothing but happy and blessed with great experiences through Fantasy since. So, that’s my dance career.”

Abby Sullivan photo by Patrick Rivera

On what it meant to her and her fellow castmates to have Fantasy be one of Las Vegas’s early shows returning to live performing, after the coronavirus pandemic halted all live entertainment in the city last year, she relayed the following:

“We were blessed. You know, other shows didn’t reopen the same time we did and some still haven’t reopened. So, of course, we were very excited. But everything was always fluid you know, we had to be ready for changes and whatever we needed to do to stay safe and stay open, we did and so we were just happy to be there and whatever we had to do, we did.”

When not performing on the Las Vegas stage, Ms. Sullivan is taking courses, preparing to pursue a degree in Nursing:

“I think it’s the right move for me and so I’m slowly but surely doing my classes through the College of Southern Nevada and I haven’t applied to nursing school yet because I still have a couple of prerequisites to knock out. It’ll be a couple years, but I see it happening and I’m excited about it.”

Abby also talks to us more about her time at Fantasy and how Pilates and yoga have helped her dance career.

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Photo credits: Patrick Rivera

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