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Famed Attorney, Elected Delegate to the Democratic National Convention Gloria Allred, Talks Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Last week, powerhouse attorney, women’s rights advocate, author and TV judge Gloria Allred attended the Democratic National Convention as an elected delegate from the state of California. Ms. Allred, who has appeared on CYInterview more than any other guest, has participated in many important moments with us over the years, covering a variety of legal, social and political topics.

Reflecting on the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Attorney Allred joins us for her latest segment with us, to talk about what’s at stake in the 2016 Presidential Elections and why Donald Trump cannot be elected to the White House.

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview. You can read the highlights and listen to it in its entirety below:

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Reflecting on Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman nominated to a major party ticket for President of the United States, at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Gloria said this:

“I know a lot of us know that it was a long battle just for women to win the right to vote. Took from 1848 to 1920, all of us those years, all of those decades just to win the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is suffrage, the right to vote for women. So we’ve only had it since 1920. And now the next chapter, which we’ve been fighting for, is equal participation of women in the political process and of course in the world of business and every other aspect of life as well. Finally, after all these years of male presidents, to finally have someone nominated, a female for the highest position of power and responsibility in our nation, it’s just, you know, it’s the next chapter and it’s really important. We’ve always said, you know, that a woman’s place is in the house, the White House and now, we’re gonna work to make this a reality.”

On the presidential campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump, Attorney Allred believes Mr. Trump could put the country at risk, with his access to nuclear weapons, if he were elected President of the United States:

“If he has, as Hillary Rodham Clinton said, something to the effect of, any candidate who can be baited by a tweet is not someone who should be able to have the nuclear codes in his hands. In other words, this is something that, you know, suddenly he could set off a war. He could be sending nuclear weapons because he doesn’t like what someone from another country said. And this is the way he may retaliate or may respond. I’m not willing to take that risk with my daughter’s life, with my grandchildren’s life, with my life or with anybody else’s life. And so I think that even just that alone disqualifies him for the presidency.”

Additionally, Gloria Allred says that Mr. Trump sets a bad example for the nation:

“The children are watching. The children are watching. And what they’re seeing is not acceptable. We can’t have that for four years and God forbid eight years, God forbid even one day with the President of the United States who is supposed to set the moral tone for everyone in the White House.”

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