Extraordinary Things are Accomplished in Unextraordinary Ways

Kids love magic. If a child is young enough, you can entertain him by pulling a coin out of his ear. You need no skill to do this. As a child grows up, your magic skills have to keep up with his developing mind. As we transition through childhood, our critical reasoning facilities become more and more developed.

The “pull the quarter out of the ear trick” might impress a five year old. It is not going to impress a 14 year old. As for grownups, you better come up with a really good trick if you want to intrigue and amuse them. Yet, though we adults will not be wowed by pulling coins from our ears, we still like magic – quite a lot actually.

Our love of magic goes hand in hand with our passion for secrets. We want to know the secret of losing weight, finding love, living longer, etc. We transition from being captivated by coins flowing from our ears to craving the secrets of living more fulfilling lives; in short, to living our dreams.

Take weight loss. How many of us have bought books promising to tell us the secrets of losing weight, as if it were a magic trick? How many of us have purchased pills and potions in the hope of shedding pounds? Yet, we all know that losing weight calls for eating less and moving more.

If we eat less and move more, on a consistent basis, we can lose weight, look better, feel better and become healthier. Interesting, isn’t it? The secret to weight loss is that there is no secret at all. And yet, when somebody loses a significant amount of weight, we want to know “How did they do it?”

We are all captivated by extraordinary results, but most of us fail to embrace the simple and mundane path leading to those results. Instead, we spend our time searching for secrets. We want magic. What we need to do instead is to remember this – Extraordinary results are accomplished in unextraordinary ways!

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