Pacific Asian Plaza Las Vegas, Pacific Asian Plaza Spring Mountain Road

Experience the Flavors of Asia: Drive West on Spring Mountain Road from the Las Vegas Strip

Last week, we shared with you our CYInterview with Dr. Sue Fawn Chung, ahead of her Zoom presentation on Chinese American History for The Neon Museum, here in Las Vegas. You can read the highlights and listen to that insightful CYInterview by clicking here.

During the conversation, Dr. Chung mentioned that the Chinatown Plaza was a great place to find restaurants and culture from all regions of China. The plaza is located less than two miles west of the Las Vegas Strip at 4205 Spring Mountain Road. It is one of the absolute gems of Las Vegas.

If you are looking for cuisine from other Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand and Japan, approximately one mile west of the Chinatown Plaza is the Pacific Asian Plaza at 5115 Spring Mountain Road. You will also find the SF Market there, which is a grocery store with a variety of products from all over Asia.

If you are searching for restaurants and businesses in Las Vegas, representing various parts of Asia, drive west on Spring Mountain Road from the Las Vegas Strip.