Ever Insightful Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig Joins Us to Break Down the Phenomenon of Trolls and Trolling

Recently, Time Magazine published an article titled How Trolls are Ruining The Internet. Whether it is social media, a message board, the comments section of an article and even sometimes via email, celebrities and private citizens alike are receiving hateful and negative messages. At times, these messages are racist and threatening as well.

To breakdown the troll phenomena, we welcome back psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig. Robi has been a frequent guest of NBC’s Today and many other media programs. She has just recently written a new book titled Your Best Age is Now: Embrace an Ageless Mindset, Reenergize Your Dreams, and a Live a Soul Satisfying Life. Featured columnist Jay Bildsten joins us for this segment.

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Focusing on the Time Magazine article How Trolls are Ruining The Internet, Dr. Ludwig explains why people become Internet trolls and send very negative, hateful and threatening messages to people they do not know:

“I think the people that are writing these very negative statements are people who are dealing with their own tortured self-image. And when they now have the direct accesses to attack somebody who’s high profile or attack somebody they view is living life successfully, it helps them to attack themselves far less.”

Dr Robi Ludwig Book, Dr Robi Ludwig,
Dr. Robi Ludwig’s new book Your Best Age is Now

In April of this year, Dr. Ludwig wrote a new book titled Your Best Age is Now. On what she wants readers to take away from her book, she said this:

“I really wanted to address how midlife is maligned culturally. It’s seen as a time where people are in decline; where they’re losing it; where they’re no longer as appealing; they get ignored; there’s nothing to look forward to. And when I did a lot of research and just even personal observations, I realized this is far from the case. That really it’s a beautiful time when people feel more confident than ever before because of modern medicine and personalized medicine; we are living longer than ever before; living younger than ever before and so I really felt it was my responsibility to put information out there so people didn’t have to accept and in fact could reject and rebel against the images which were no longer serving them well, so that they could live a more fulfilling and rewarding life.”

You can find more information and purchase a copy of Dr. Ludwig’s new book Your Best Age is Now here

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