Eva Longoria Graces Cover of Escena

Eva Graces Cover of Escena

Chris Yandek’s interview with Eva Longoria Parker is the cover for the Februrary issue of the Hispanic publication Escena.

Escena is a monthly Hispanic publication distributed through the United States of America and covers many news stories that touch Latinos.

You can find the Eva Longoria Parker feature online at the following url:


You can also check out their official website at www.escenanewspaper.com to read all of their monthly articles.

Chris Yandek’s thought’s on the cover:

I am grateful for the opportunity to once again work with Escena. They featured my interview with Jaslene Gonzalez this past summer and did an amazing job. I would like to thank the editor Remedios Sullivan for her continued belief in me and featuring the interview I did with Eva. I believe Mrs. Longoria Parker is one of the most influential Hispanic entertainers right now and is a story that would interest many Hispanic and as well non Hispanic readers.