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Entertainment Visionary Hanoch Rosenn on His Shows Return to Las Vegas, More

Show creator, producer and mime Hanoch Rosenn is a true show business visionary. His two productions in Las Vegas are open again and accommodating full capacity attendance. He and all the people working on his shows, have weathered the pandemic thus far.

Hanoch’s WOW – The Vegas Spectacular at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino and Extravaganza – The Vegas Spectacular at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino are both stellar productions. They have some of the Entertainment Capital of the World’s most talented performers in them.

Speaking to us by phone, from his native Israel, Hanoch gave his thoughts on the return of his shows, as well as the state of Las Vegas tourism:

“The artists, I have people from all over the world. So they were quite happy that we were one of the first and only big shows that continued to perform in the covid period. … I would say it’s maybe like 30, 40 percent less tourists than usual because all the tourists from Europe and from China and from South America, just recently are able to [come], just recently. So, it takes time. People are not yet planning their vacations from overseas, you know.”

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With Hanoch Rosenn and entertainers Silvia Silvia and Victor Ponce at the 1000th show celebration for WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

During the capacity limits for audiences at Las Vegas shows, Hanoch says the cast of Extravaganza – The Vegas Spectacular took a pay cut and they all prayed they would make it through to better times. Recently, the show celebrated its 500th performance. WOW – The Vegas Spectacular did not reopen until later.

“When we performed for 50 people, we did ask the cast to you know, help us a little bit. You know, and maybe make a small discount for us. And then also what we did, is, we, we prayed a lot.”

With all his successes so far in Las Vegas, is Hanoch thinking about expanding his entertainment portfolio here?

“You are asking something very interesting. Yeah, once you do, once you start, you want to continue. I do feel there is something else I would like to do. Yes. I have an idea. It’s still in preparation. … As soon as I have something new, you will be the first ones [to know].”

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