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Energy and Success

Years ago, I heard a saying I have come to really like: “If you have talent and energy, you’re king. If you have only energy and no talent, you’re still a prince. But if you have talent and no energy, you’re a pauper.” I never knew who said this, but in looking it up it appears to be attributed to the English author Jeffrey Archer.

Talent, I believe, is one of the many misunderstood elements we look at when attempting to judge if someone will be successful at a given undertaking. We seem to be particularly enamored with talent. Yet, people who have talent and do not put it to good use, energetically, often do not accomplish as much as they otherwise could.

On the other hand energetic people, who are able to focus their energy on specific goals, are often successful, even when they do not have a particular natural talent for accomplishing what they set out to.

Please do not get me wrong. It is great to have talent and to cultivate talent. However, having great talent without applying it is multiplication by zero. The result is zero. Consequently, we should help people understand that energy is the great equalizer when it comes to succeeding in life.

When we have lots of energy, we can initially meet with nonsuccess at something we are looking to accomplish, only to come back the next time ready to succeed. A high energy level can be a key ingredient when it comes to developing a good frustration tolerance. Likewise, lots of energy can help us work longer, harder and this, in and of itself, can help us in the pursuit of our goals.

Talent might be somewhat difficult to cultivate, yet upping our energy might be more simple. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating well and exercising reasonably can all help increase our energy. And this increased energy can help us achieve our goals.

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