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Energy and Focus

It is hard, maybe impossible is the better term, to accomplish anything without energy. Think of your car. If the tank is empty, it does not run. It matters little if it is the greatest automobile in the world. Without gasoline your vehicle is just not gonna function.

We have a lot in common with the cars we drive. They need energy to run and so do we. Additionally, with our personal trajectories as with where we head with our cars, if we do not focus on where we are going we are never going to get there. Worse yet, a lack of focus often leads to accidents.

In the workplace, high energy individuals are capable of doing superior work only if they focus their energy. Have you ever seen someone with lots of energy who lacks focus? I am sure you have. Day by day, they start work with great ideas and enthusiasm. However, without focusing on something specific – until it is accomplished – these high energy folks never seem to reach their goals. That’s because their goals change so frequently.

Focus is constancy of purpose in the pursuit of a goal. If we continually change our goals, it does not matter how much energy we have. We become like cars driving in circles until we run out of gasoline.

We can raise our energy levels by improving our diets, shedding unwanted pounds, doing some reasonable, programmed exercise, developing good sleep patterns, working at decreasing stress and continually seeking out sources of inspiration and motivation. (*Consult your physician before undertaking any diet and or exercise program.) To improve our focus, we need to come up with a goal and a plan to achieve that goal.

Matching energy with focus gives us a dynamic duo that can lead to achievement in any number of areas. It is up to us to get started. Sometimes, we feel so depleted of energy it seems we won’t get through the day, let alone achieve some lofty goal. Remember, small yet continuous efforts can, over time, help us accomplish our dreams. Energy and focus can be improved if we make improving them a priority. We just need to be patient enough to see that improvement take hold.


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