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Easter Sunday Eve with Dionne Warwick and Granddaughter Cheyenne Elliott: Great Family, Great Music

 A few weeks back, we brought you our CYInterview [see here] and opening night concert review of Dionne Warwick’s new show [see here] at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. It was a great evening watching the talented legend perform.

Saturday evening, CYInterview went back to Dionne Warwick’s show at Bally’s and a got chance to spend a few minutes with the show business legend again, after the show. See photo above.

We had a chance to CYInterview Dionne’s granddaughter Cheyenne Elliott. You can see our photo with her below. The 24 year old singer and actress is an entertainer on the rise who sings with Dionne during the show. We will be bringing you that CYInterview soon.

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With Cheyenne Elliott

The show was a family affair, as many of Dionne’s family members were in town to say hello and meet afterwards.

This coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be Dionne’s last shows for her residency here in Las Vegas at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. Ms. Warwick has provided an inspiring month of music at Bally’s Jubilee Theater.

You can find more information and purchase tickets to Dionne Warwick’s Las Vegas shows at Bally’s Hotel and Casino clicking here.

Dionne Warwick’s official website is here.

You can find Cheyenne Elliot’s Facebook clicking here.

You can find Cheyenne on Instagram clicking here.