Early Morning on the Las Vegas Strip

We suspect that when most people think of the Las Vegas Strip, they think of it bustling during the afternoon or early evening. Of course, it was different when, owing to the pandemic, resorts here were closed. However, the famed resorts on the Strip have been open for a while. Now, things are much more like they used to be.

If you ever wanted to know what the Las Vegas Strip looks like in the early morning, the photograph above, of The Mirage, is a great example.

The photo was taken on Tuesday morning of this week, just before 8:00 AM. In the relatively early morning hours, the sidewalks of the Las Vegas Strip are mostly empty. It seems like it would be a great time to take a stroll, see the sights and avoid the crowds; that is if you can get up after an evening of Las Vegas style revelry!

Las Vegas, there is nowhere like it!