Dr. Vanita Rahman of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Speaks with Us

A wholefood plant-based diet could potentially have a positive impact on your health. To discuss this topic, we welcome to CYInterview Dr. Vanita Rahman. She is an internal medicine and lifestyle medicine physician.

Additionally, Dr. Rahman is clinic director at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She told us what the organization does:

“What we do at the Physicians Committee is we do research, we also do community teaching and advocacy. And I also work in our clinical arm, the Bernard Medical Center, where we provide care to patients with an emphasis on lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise, stress reduction.”

On the role of diet and exercise, when it comes to health, the physician said this:

“Research has shown over and over again the importance that nutrition plays in diabetes prevention/reversal, heart disease prevention/reversal, cancer prevention, autoimmune disease prevention; the evidence just keeps mounting up about the benefits of nutrition.”

Dr. Rahman shared why she thinks people should consider a wholefood plant-based diet:

“It’s gonna make you feel great. It’s gonna improve your health, help you feel like you’re in charge. It’s a very powerful feeling that something as simple as the food on our plates can help us feel strong and healthy without expensive medications, without complicated surgeries, without complex medical procedures and it’s something that is within reach. So, what could be more powerful than that.”

You can watch the entire CYInterview with Dr. Vanita Rahman below:

You can learn more about the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine by clicking here.


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