Dr. Robi Ludwig Discusses Rachel Uchitel: Money and Desire for Attention Not Synonymous

As 2009 was drawing to a close, superstar golfer Tiger Woods found himself the object of press attention. Being a public focal point was nothing new. Mr. Woods had been an athletic golden boy, bathed in the glow of media sunshine for some time. He was admired by multitudes of golf fans and non-golf fans far and wide. Tiger was a transcendent athletic hero. He was a latter day Muhammad Ali. The squared circle brought Ali worldwide adulation. The links did the same for Tiger.

While Tiger Woods golf future remains somewhat uncertain, due to injury, it is possible his golden boy image will never regain its former luster.

A media frenzy began around Thanksgiving 2009 which went on to focus on Mr. Woods supposed and actual marital infidelities. Tiger’s marriage eventually disintegrated and a cavalcade of women came forward, stating outright or hinting they had had some sort of intimate relationship with the star golfer.

One of those women, Rachel Uchitel, was, according to various reports, alleged to be a mistress of Woods. Media outlets claimed Ms. Uchitel received millions of dollars not to talk about her involvement with Mr. Woods. It was reported Uchitel had to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of the deal.

Last week, reports surfaced purporting that Ms. Uchitel had violated that confidentiality agreement. Her legal counsel, Gloria Allred, a CYInterview regular, reportedly counseled Ms. Uchitel to return most of the money she had received, owing to some sort of breach regarding her deal with Tiger. CYInterview has not spoken to Ms. Allred or Ms. Uchitel on this matter.

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To gain a psychological perspective on what might be going on, CYInterview welcomes back the ever insightful, psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig. We ask her why Ms. Uchitel did not seem to recede from the limelight after her reported settlement. For example, perhaps, if she had lived a more private life, Ms. Uchitel wouldn’t have possibly violated the presumed confidentiality agreement and she’d still have the money from her agreement with Woods.

Dr. Ludwig speaks on the matter:

“In addition to the money, she [Uchitel] also likes and needs the attention and maybe wants the fame as well. It’s very possible she could want both and her desire to be acknowledged and to tell her story overshadowed her thinking smartly about the situation and honoring her contract…Money does some things for people, but it can’t do everything for a person.”

Robi Ludwig continues by noting the intrigue about Rachel Uchitel was her connection to Tiger Woods. In seeking attention and the limelight, Ms. Uchitel ran into trouble because one way or another it could come back to her relationship with Tiger Woods:

“If she could figure a way to be in the limelight without using her relationship with Tiger Woods as a stepping stone for that, then she might’ve been better off, but it sounds like she wasn’t able to do that. That part of the intrigue about this woman was her connection to Tiger Woods and not anything else. She’s not a dancer. She’s not a singer. She’s not an actress. She’s not a model. So what else does she have to offer?”

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