Dr. Anna Herby from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Talks Plant-Based Diet

Dr. Anna Herby is spreading the word about why she thinks a wholefood plant-based diet can positively impact a person’s health.

Dr. Herby has a Master of Science degree in nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle and her doctorate in health sciences from the University of Bridgeport. She is currently the nutrition education manager for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit organization focusing on a plant-based diet, preventive medicine and research studies.

With some people making 2023 goals to lose weight and eat healthier, Dr. Herby joined us on CYInterview to share her thoughts on a wholefood plant-based diet. Based on her studying nutrition, she learned this about a fruit, vegetable and whole grains diet:

“I just learned more about how this diet can reverse diabetes, it helps with weight loss without counting calories. It just seems like a really great solution that not enough people are talking about. So, I just kind of went down that rabbit hole and started learning more and more about it and have been bringing it to my patients ever since.”

Dr. Herby said that a wholefood plant-based diet could help reduce health care costs:

“You’re gonna need fewer medications. You’re gonna have fewer doctor visits. Definitely not going to the ER [Emergency Room] as often and that all saves money. And in fact, there’s some research out there on specifically like, when you look at employee populations, ‘cause those, that’s a kind of closed system where it’s easy to measure that health care cost. If you do these employee wellness programs, teaching people about eating a plant-based diet, then you do see that the long-term health care costs are reduced.”

Anna believes that exercise and a plant-based diet go together in helping to lose weight and live a healthier life:

“I would say that exercise is about 20 percent of the picture versus your diet, it’s gonna give you 80 percent of your health benefits. So, as a starting point, we always want to start with the diet ‘cause you really can’t out run a bad diet. If you’re eating cheeseburgers and bacon, you can’t exercise that off really. So, we want to start with the diet and then add in that exercise. You don’t have to be an elite athlete, but just getting that movement in every day or may almost every day can really compliment the healthy diet.”

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