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Does Tiger Have a Tail? Wynn Hotel and Casino Odds Maker John Avello on Augusta

As sports enthusiasts switch focus from March Madness to looking at the odds for The Masters – the first of four golf majors this year – CYInterview welcomes back John Avello, Executive Director of Race and Sports at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Avello gives us some analysis on The Masters and betting golf.

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This is what Avello had to say about this year’s field at Augusta National:

“When you look at The Masters, you’re always looking at Tiger Woods being one of your favorites at a shorter price and this year not the case. He actually went off at 8 to 1, which is some of the higher odds you’ll find him for not only The Masters, but a tournament. His odds have been elevated in recent tournaments because of the poor play and not actually even cashing in the top five or 10 as of late. So taking Tiger out of it so to speak, you got Phil Mickelson who did off the favorite at 6 to 1. But when you look at the field, this is a wide-open field that could be won by a variety of players, including some that are in the 40 to 50 to 1 range. So this is a wide open tournament.”

During all four rounds of a golf tournament like The Masters, bettors have the opportunity to wager on head to head matchups of golfers playing in the same field. John gives more insight into head to head wagers in golf and how they come together, as well as setting odds for the entire tournament as it progresses. I gave him the example of betting Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson, when it comes to matchup betting.

“When I make the odds on the matchups, I’m not necessarily looking for those guys being paired with each other. I just look for a couple of golfers that have been playing similar. The first round I’m looking at a Tiger Woods versus Mickelson. I’m looking at a Rory McLlroy versus Dustin Johnson, players that are close in the way they’ve been playing for the season so far, how they’re predicted to do on this course.

Now as The Masters progresses, starting tomorrow [Friday] we’ll have new matchups, actually starting tonight, we’ll have new matchups and we’ll have the entire board of golfers updated with new odds which you’ll be able to bet. When it gets to those matchups, I’m just looking to see how the players played today and then tomorrow when we put up new matches, how they played that day and the first two days. So things change a lot. Somebody that was maybe 50 to 1 and somebody who was initially 10 to 1 could be matched up against each other after two days, at a very close price because of the way that they’re playing.”

Finally, Mr. Avello provided some advice on what gamblers should look for when betting golf.

“I guess you look for a price when you’re looking for the overall winner. Stay away from the short prices. When I say short prices, 6 [to 1], 8 [to 1], 10 to 1 and look more at the 30, 40 50 to 1. You’re not gonna cash every tournament, but you eventually will cash if you’re picking somebody who has high odds, that has the potential to win one of these tournaments. So I would just say look for relatively decent odds, and when I say decent, somewhere in that 25 to 50 [to 1] range and stay with that and just continue to do your homework when looking for the right golfer.”

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