Discover Asian Culture and Cuisine at the Chinatown Plaza, a Few Miles West of the Las Vegas Strip: Area Jam Packed with Delicious Dining Options, Located on Spring Mountain Road

If you are looking for Asian food and culture in the Entertainment Capital of the World, you will be delighted to know, if you do not already, that Las Vegas has you covered. The Chinatown Plaza – a few miles west of the Las Vegas Strip – is located on Spring Mountain Road. It begins a few blocks of Asian restaurants and other businesses that should be of interest.

If you are looking for Thai, Vietnamese or Chinese food, among other delicious Asian dining options, you are bound to find them in that section of town. There are also grocery stores, art stores, and numerous other businesses, all related to Asia.

Next time you are in Vegas, consider visiting the Chinatown Plaza and the area surrounding it. There you will find some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. The experience is sure to be a memorable one.