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Director of Race and Sports at DraftKings, John Avello, Talks: NCAA Tournament 2019, Direction of DraftKings, What March Madness Means to Him, More

This year will be the first time in a long time that veteran oddsmaker John Avello will not be in a Las Vegas sportsbook for the NCAA Tournament. This week begins the journey for 68 college basketball teams that look to make history as the national champion. To some, it’s known as March Madness where anything can happen and at times you will see some incredible things. For example, consider game winning shots thrown from the other side of the court at the buzzer.

On where the term March Madness comes from, master of the odds Avello tells us what he believes:

“Some of the games, how they end, you know with half court shots that are, you know, just crazy, just throw ups that go in and some of them are team winners and some of them mean nothing to the game but they do cover the spread. And that’s why they’ve always called this madness. That’s where that comes from, the madness part, because just unorthodox things happen over the course of the tournament and especially the first four days.”

Now the Director of Race and Sports at DraftKings, John Avello gets us ready for the NCAA Tournament by looking back at this college basketball season and discussing some of the teams in this year’s field. Additionally, he tells us about everything going on at DraftKings and how the fantasy sports company is providing a variety of sports gaming options to players and what is ahead.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview with John Avello below as we get you ready for the NCAA Tournament:

Listen to the entire John Avello CYInterview:

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