Director Liz Vassey’s 2019 Documentary, The Human Race, has Legs: Doc an Inspirational Must See; Talented Actress Demonstrates True Directorial Ability

Running is something people may want to consider taking up to improve their fitness level and their health. Though it may seem difficult, actress/filmmaker Liz Vassey’s documentary, The Human Race, will inspire you to run.

The past CYInterview guest [see here and here] continues to gain recognition for her 2019 documentary film. You can currently see it on Amazon Prime, as well as a variety of other streaming platforms. Reflecting back, Liz Vassey told us this:

“It was released at the beginning of 2019, but we’ve definitely seen a lot more people turning to it lately. And I think it’s twofold. I think one, people are trapped at home watching things and this is something to watch that’s getting good reviews, thankfully. But on a larger level, I think it brings joy and I think it brings hope and I think that we’re, the whole world’s hungry for that right now, right. I think it’s helping and that pleases me to no end because I’m just happy to participate in anything that’s helping to sort of lighten things up a little bit for people and give them some hope for the future.”

Due to the success of The Human Race, many runners have contacted the actress about doing a sequel, as they would love their stories and passion for running relayed to an audience:

“I am getting contacted by, mostly by runners who really want to be seen and that’s what got me on the first one is that I didn’t have to look for these people. I didn’t have to look for these runners over the age of 50. They contacted me because they wanted people to see that it was possible. And I love that you said it wasn’t preachy because that was a big goal for me. I wanted to make sure that it was funny and it had heart. I think if you want to reach people, nobody really wants to be preached at.”

Considering the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the world over the last year, Ms. Vassey believes there are many benefits to be gained by running:

“I think even aside from the physical benefits of running, there’s so many mental benefits that I think getting out and moving even if it’s not running, even if it’s just climbing the stairs for a little bit or taking a brisk walk, I think it helps combat stress, depression, anxiety. It helps with cognitive decline for the long term, it helps you sleep more. If you are going outside, you’ll get a boost of Vitamin D. There’s so many things that it can do for your head and I think that’s a vital importance right now because of everything we’re dealing with. I mean, there’s sort of a collective stress that we’re all dealing with every single day. And so, if you can give yourself 20 minutes, a half hour, an hour, whatever you want to do, I think it couldn’t be more helpful particularly now.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview where he discusses a variety of topics with Liz Vassey.

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*Editor’s Note: Please consult your doctor before making changes to your health and exercise routine.

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